Why Having a Panic Button is Essential Security Services Cape Town

Why Having a Panic Button is Essential | Security Services Cape Town

Security systems have become inescapable in the business world. As a business owner, a discreet and reliable way to keep your property safe should be a top priority when considering your security options. Security Services Cape Town

Panic buttons, generally, allow users to immediately and silently call for help under duress or in an emergency. These panic buttons vary and are flexible enough that you can easily apply them to any business environment. More importantly, employees won’t need to be trained to use a panic button since they are designed for easy use.

Plus, some buttons are activated when an item (cash or valuable goods) is removed at the request of an intruder. Still considering a panic button? See why having a panic button has become essential.

Being Proactive for Your Workplace

Don’t wait for an incident to happen to start taking precautions on your business. By placing a panic button, you are protecting your business and employees from the danger that may involve loss of property, profits or productivity. Panic buttons make contacting authorities easy when a traditional phone call might not be convenient or feasible.

Greater Chance of Apprehensions

Panic buttons have the ability to activate your existing surveillance systems to monitor the premise and record video of the unfolding events. This process is discreet enough so thieves will not realize they are being monitored. Since the authorities are being notified immediately, they can respond faster and able to get to the property sooner. Once the authorities respond to the alarms and are able to get the videos, there’s a greater chance of apprehending offenders. By installing a panic button, authorities have a better chance of preventing offenders from succeeding or committing any more crimes.

Employee Safety

Violence, theft, or any other crime can happen anywhere. Check-out counters, receiving areas, reception desks, or anywhere cash and other valuable property are stored are high targeted areas for workplace violence to occur. A panic button can offer employees a better sense of security. It can also allow them to notify authorities for help quickly and convenient without drawing attention and putting themselves in danger.

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