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All over the world business are afraid that a break-in could cost them time, money, and destroy valuable resources. The solution: Hire a private security company to provide full-time security guard services. Security Guard Service Cape Town

However, it is important to hire a security company that makes sure that the security guard is going to mesh well with the environment within your organization. Security guards have an impact on your business every day. The wrong guard can be a big problem. The question is…how do you know if you have the right security guard?

Here are 5 danger signs that could mean that you have the wrong security guard.

  1. They Seem Preoccupied – Many people know the struggle of trying to keep personal issues out of their workspace. However, a security guard cannot afford to be distracted. They must throw their all into protecting what you are hiring them for, especially when you hire an armed security guard. If you meet them and they seem preoccupied or spaced out there is a good chance they have a hard time fully immersing themselves only in their work, and a distracted security guard is never good to have around.
  2. They Haven’t Worked Your Schedule Before – This is important, especially if you are hiring a guard for night shift work. They could be the most qualified person, but if they are used to working another shift, they may not always be 100% there. When it comes to night shift particularly some people have a harder time adjusting than others to the demanding lifestyle. Ask the guard what shift they usually work. If they usually work early mornings, then it is best that they not be working for you overnight. You want a security guard that is always going to be on their A-game when they are on duty. If they have not worked the shift you are requesting them for in the past, it might be better to look for someone who has a little bit more experience in that area.
  3. They Seem To Have Biases – Security guards just like anyone else are human and have their own personal biases. They may not be trusting of a certain race or think that all women are bossy and rude. Make sure that these biases do not apply to your staff or customers. For example, if you operate a business that serves a particular ethnic group it is important to have a security guard who seems to be comfortable working with that demographic. If you are a woman and the guard seems to be disrespectful of women, they may not be your perfect match. You want to be able to trust your security guards and give them orders that they follow immediately. Observe as your guard works. Try to get a feel for what biases they may have. Everyone has biases. Just make sure that those biases do not apply to your staff or customers.
  4. They Don’t Have Previous Experience – Every security guard has to start somewhere, but it does not have to be with you. If you are hiring a guard from a security service the security company should be open with sharing the guard’s qualifications and previous work experience. Just because a security guard has limited experience does not mean he or she will be bad. However, you want to feel comfortable. You also want to be sure that the guard’s experience fits your environment. For example, if you are operating a high-end retail store a guard who has been working patrol security in a public housing project for ten years may not be as good a fit as a guard who has been working retail security for 1 year. Does this mean that the housing project cant does the job? No! However, the guard with public housing experience may have difficulty adjusting to the less aggressive nature of high-end retail security. If their previous experience makes you feel uncomfortable or seems insufficient for the job you have the complete right to request a different guard. If the company refuses, then you may want to consider switching to a private security firm that takes its clients views more seriously.
  5. They are not familiar with your geographic area – Every geographic area has its own tendencies. These tendencies result in different types of challenges. It is best to have a security guard who is familiar with the area that they operate. This is an important criterion that many organizations overlook. Parking lot patrol is a significant part of residential security in the suburbs. Many building downtowns do not have a parking lot. The security guard downtown may also have to handle threats of homeless persons breaching the security to sleep in the stairwells or storage areas. Each area has its own challenges and risks. It is important to have a security guard who is familiar with the risks in your area.

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