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Why Every Business Needs Access Control | Security Companies Cape Town

Access control systems are an integral part of a business’ everyday security and operations. These systems help businesses every day to protect their valuable assets, protect against internal and external threats, and much more. Security Companies Cape Town

If you’re thinking about an access control system for your business, here is everything you need to know to see if access control systems are right for your company.

  • Restrict Entry and Exit – Access control allows you to control who and when someone can enter and exit the building, and from what location. You can also control who can enter certain areas within your building and when they can enter those areas. This reduces your chance of being burglarized by not allowing access to anyone without an I.D. badge or visitor badge.
  • Timestamp – The electronic locks automatically keep a record of each entry, exit, and attempt. This allows you to see who and when someone was in the building or inside an area within the building. This reduces the internal risk of a possible theft from your employees and it also tells you who is on time and who is late to work.
  • Emergency Lock Down – With remote access control, you can lock all of your doors immediately and easily in case of an emergency. If there is a wanted suspect on the run near your building, you can quickly ensure your building and your employees are safe from harm.
  • Temporary Access – You can grant access to your vendors or visitors by giving them a temporary badge. This allows your workers to continue working without the hassle of monitoring what the visitor does, as well as not having to open and close the door every time they come in or out.

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