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Warehouse Theft Prevention | Commercial Security Cape Town

A recent study estimated there were roughly 1.6 million burglaries in 2015 which resulted in $3.6 billion in lost property. With warehouses stocked full of valuable products, materials, and equipment, it’s imperative for your organization to invest in theft prevention to ensure you don’t become a statistic. Commercial Security Cape Town

Warehouse theft prevention includes taking steps to provide security and maximize surveillance both during and after work hours. It also involves exterior gate management, proper landscaping, alarms, and employee identification procedures that will combine to help prevent theft at your warehouse.

Best Tips for Warehouse Theft Prevention

  • Use Warehouse Surveillance Cameras
  • Exterior Gate Management
  • Install Landscaping
  • Install a Security Alarm System
  • Utilize Employee IDs

Warehouse Surveillance Cameras

Warehouse surveillance cameras are the most critical aspect of maximizing security monitoring during and after the workday. Cameras are needed to monitor parking lots and exterior areas of your warehouse to first prevent burglars from staking out or entering your building. You will also need cameras inside the facility in the event you do have a break-in after hours.

Landscaping and Warehouse Theft Prevention

Landscaping might not be one of the first security steps that come to mind when discussing warehouse theft prevention, but it does play an important role. Large plants or bushes should be minimized on the exterior of your warehouse to always ensure a clear line of sight to all entrances and windows. Blocking any area of your facility with large shrubs or plants could prevent your surveillance team from being able to see a potential break-in as it’s happening. Tall plants potentially blocking those entrance points is why ground-level landscaping on the outside of all warehouses is ideal for maintaining security.

Installing a Security Alarm System

Alarms are one of the most popular anti-theft devices for a reason. The alarm serves multiple purposes, working to prevent the completion of a burglary while also alerting the authorities of a crime that is underway. If a signal is triggered, the first thing it does is scare the burglar. It lets the criminal know they are detected, and it’s time to turn back. Sometimes, burglars will see that a building has an alarm and determine that it’s not worth the effort to rob. In other cases, the criminal may flee the facility when the bell rings out in the warehouse. Once the alarm is triggered, it also can notify warehouse representatives as well as the police who can then respond to the crime.

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