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When CEOs, celebrities, and the extremely rich need personal protection, they call males and females with a specific set of abilities. Bodyguards provide a physical barrier against anyone who wants to hurt their clients, but there is much more to the job —a lot that people misunderstand about the profession. Body Guards Cape Town

To get a better idea of what it takes to protect others, here’s what it means being in the business of guaranteeing safety.

  • BIGGER ISN’T ALWAYS BETTER – When working crowd control or trying to corral legions of screaming teenagers, having a massive physical presence comes in handy. But not all close protection specialists need to be the size of a professional wrestler. It’s sort of like a vehicle shopping. They sometimes want a big SUV and sometimes something that doesn’t stand out at all. There’s a need for a regular-looking guy in clothes without an earpiece, not a monster.
  • GUNS (AND FISTS) ARE PRETTY MUCH USELESS – Bodyguards may or may not come armed depending on the environment — protecting a musician at a concert is different from transporting a pharmaceutical company’s reviled CEO. People don’t understand this is not a business where we fight or draw guns. They’re trained to cover and evacuate and get out of harm’s way. The goal is no use of force.
  • SOMETIMES THEY’RE HIRED TO PROTECT EMPLOYERS FROM EMPLOYEES – Workplace violence has raised red flags for companies who fear retribution during layoffs. Some clients request bodyguards to provide armed security in a discreet manner while somebody is being fired because they want to be sure the individual doesn’t come back and retaliate.
  • THEY DON’T LIVE THE LIFE YOU THINK THEY DO – Because guards are often seen within a celebrity’s reach of the arm, some believe they have to have the same experiences. Not so. “A large misunderstanding is that they live the same life as celebrities do,” They might live in their house, but they’re not enjoying their pool. You stay to yourself, make your rounds.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MAKES THEIR JOB HARDER – High-profile celebrities maintain visibility by engaging with their social media, which often means posting about their trips and events. For fans, it can provide their routine with a thrilling view. For someone wishing them harm, it’s a road map.

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