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The marketplace is packed with home security solutions, though, and narrowing your search down to just one option can be tough. Finding a system that suits your budget only makes this more difficult, especially as security technology continues to grow more advanced. Security Solutions Cape Town

But don’t worry: in this comprehensive guide, we’ve compiled the top 3 DIY home security systems with no monthly fees.

Nest Security Camera 3-Pack

Nest-Security-Camera-3-Pack Nzacksi Security Cape Town Security Solutions Cape Town

While retailing at a high price, thanks to its amazing characteristics, this Nest Indoor Cams 3-pack provides a strong value for cash. One real advantage is it’s Alexa-compatibility: you can control it with your own voice if you already have an Alexa device in your home. This offers real convenience for those with reduced mobility who want to keep track of activity elsewhere in other rooms.

For a crisp image, even at night, Nest Indoor Cams stream video in crisp 1080p HD. This makes it hard to miss smaller information and guarantees a high level of clarity, helpful if required to identify faces.

Nest Alerts keep you in close contact with your property at all times too. Alerts arrive via the compatible Nest App whenever one of the cameras picks up signs of activity or movement in any room covered.

These Nest Indoor Cams also feature built-in speakers that work both ways. What does it mean? You will hear sounds from the cameras controlled areas and have the freedom to interact via the speakers (such as telling your cat to stop scratching the couch).

This function means you can interact with friends or family without calling them, and you can even warn intruders they’re being watched. This may be enough to deter them. You can save 10 or 30 days’ worth of video footage in the cloud for future reference (ideal if you’ve been away from home on vacation). Playback is designed for maximum convenience, allowing you to fast-forward and rewind hours of footage in seconds.

If the Nest Indoor Cams 3-pack has room in your budget, it is an excellent choice for any property. The two-way speakers are a definite highlight, whereas during installation the different set-up options offer great flexibility.

Wink Look Out Smart Security Starter Kit

lookout-smart-security-essentials Nzacksi Security Cape Town Security Solutions Cape Town

Like the Abode package, with various parts included, the Wink Look Out Smart Security Starter Kit provides a solid value for money. Wink has fortunately produced its security system compatible with a broad spectrum of products produced by various producers, including leading names such as Philips, Ring, Nest, Sonos, Arlo and Yale. In all, you can use this with more than 400 smart home devices.

The Smart Security Starter Kit involves the Look Out hub, two window/door sensors, a motion sensor, and a siren & chime. There are no monthly fees needed, and if you find this just doesn’t work for you, a return policy of 30 days is required.

The door/window sensors can be put in your home next to specific points. If they detect any changes in their position, you will receive an instant alert directly to your smartphone via the Wink app. The siren & chime unit is designed by unleashing a noisy siren or chime to notify you (and everyone else) of possible suspicious activity.

An in-built light flashes to warn people inside the home too. You can choose from 10 sounds and tweak the length they run for. To pick up any signs of activity, the motion sensor should be placed strategically around the home. By adding compatibility with other products to a wide range, Wink gives you plenty of freedom to control the security of your property as you really want.

The Wink Look Out Starter Kit promises easy set-up, allowing for fast installation straight from the box. If you’re willing to spend around R5,402.22 or less on your home security system, this is well worth considering. Finding cameras to match with it should be simple too, given the compatibility options available.

Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit + Echo Dot

Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit + Echo Dot Nzacksi Security Cape Town Security Solutions Cape Town

Ring has become one of the house safety world’s leading names. This set for hands-free voice control incorporates the Ring Starter Kit and the Amazon Echo Dot. You can activate and deactivate the Ring alarm system from anywhere within the range of the Echo Dot without having to communicate with the device itself.

So, what’s in the box? You’ll get the base station, the keypad, contact sensor, motion detector and range extender. It’s designed for fast installation without the need for tools or a professional: just place each piece at the most strategic points in your home to get started.

Depending on the size and layout, the Ring Alarm can be customized to suit your property. To improve your security, you can add additional sensors to the system and it is compatible with many other Ring products (Alarm Flood & Freeze Sensor, Alarm Smoke & CO Listener and more).

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