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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Safer | Security Solutions Cape Town

Long gone are the days where all the neighbourhood kids played kick-the-can in the middle of the street each summer night. Whether you blame it on paranoid parents or uninterested children, one thing is for certain: many neighbourhoods today are lacking the close-knit feeling was prominent just ten or 20 years ago. Security Solutions Cape Town

Neighbourhood safety is a team effort, but it starts with you. What can you do to make your neighbourhood a safer place? We have some simple tips here.

  1. Know your neighbors – This cannot be emphasized enough. Know whether they work during the day, whether they have children (and, if so, what they look like), and what their needs are. Do you live next to an elderly couple that stays home, but sometimes needs help? Or is there a teenage driver in the family? Are there small children you need to look out for? Knowing these things helps you be aware of who is in your neighbourhood and what could be suspicious. Have a way to reach your neighbours if they’re gone and something is amiss in the neighbourhood. Feel free to contact them if you see any out-of-ordinary or suspicious behaviour around their home or if you’re gone and would like them to check up on your house. You might even help develop a neighbourhood calling tree.
  2. Close your windows and blinds at night – A large screen TV is a less enticing steal if nobody knows it’s there. Leaving your blinds open and lights up at night provides a free look at your home, its design, and its occupants ‘ habits. And leaving windows open at night or when you’re gone is an invitation for an uninvited guest to come in.
  3. Keep your vacation dates off of social media – Because social media is such a big part of our life today, it is only natural to want to share the excitement of a holiday to come. By doing so, however, you are essentially setting yourself as a burglar target. Most Criminals rely on public social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram to stalk and intrude homes while residents are away.
  4. Keep your neighbours informed – Knowing your neighbours and reaching a stage where you can at least trust one of them is always intelligent. Especially if you plan to be away for a couple of days or more, this is a good idea. By giving a copy of your keys to a trusted neighbour, you can get them to make sure it’s all right at home.
  5. Get a guard dog – Not only do dogs make great pets, but they can also be excellent community members as well. Thieves tend to stay away from homes with loud barking dogs. If you don’t have a dog, it couldn’t hurt to put a “beware of dog” sign on the outside of your home anyway. Don’t let a dog replace your home security system, but a good guard dog can intimidate intruders and make them think twice before committing any crime.

While it’s impossible to ward off crime 100%, it takes one to set a good example for the rest. By educating yourself on the measures you can take to encourage safety in your neighbourhood, your neighbours will follow suit and work with you to make the community an enjoyable place to live. Many of these measures are simple, but may just require a reminder of every now and then.

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