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It can be quite difficult to manage security guards. They are sometimes fairly or unfairly underpaid or disrespected, and this can generate conflict and resentment. No one likes to be disciplined and there is no exception to security officers. Security Solutions Cape Town

It is always good to follow the below suggestions when one is forced to discipline guards for misbehaviour or misconduct:

  • First get their side of the story. It is quite possible that the facts involve a mistake. They must have their facts directly before one takes any kind of disciplinary action. In other words, it is possible that you may change your mind about their wrongdoing when the officer shares their perspective of what happened.
  • Have a witness at all times. This is very crucial, particularly if the guard’s misconduct or action is severe. First, you don’t know how the officer can respond. Having a backup person who can recite what occurred if things get out of control is nice. Furthermore, if the officer denies that the conversation has ever taken place or recounts that it has gone down in a separate manner, you have a verifiable witness who can attest to the manner the conversation has transpired.
  • Whatever happened, always write down. Retrieve as accurately as possible the events or ‘misbehaviour. ‘ Sign the officer any disciplinary action you may take. If the officer refuses to sign, put that in your notes or even in the form the guards will sign, if you want. These forms vary in style and content. The form itself should express the word ‘warning’ on it somewhere.
  • Make sure the action you take against the officer is fair-minded and not excessive.
  • Make sure that there are Post Orders. For those who do not understand what are Post Orders, they are rules that exist for officers to follow at any specified time. They are important in order to let the guards know what they expect. Every officer must sign each law or regulation on the account.

The above is just a brief list of how officers can be disciplined. Keeping your work in mind is not a simple one. Try to be compassionate and remember to hear your side of the story first. The officer may end up just admitting to the wrongdoing and practically be more willing to take the criticism.

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