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Tips to Prevent Theft at Your Warehouse | Commercial Security Cape Town

There are more warehouses than ever due to the increase of contemporary retail and e-commerce. And, often they have become an easy target for criminals – particularly since many are in remote locations.Commercial Security Cape Town

We’ve put together a few different methods you can use to start securing your warehouse quickly but also tie to larger initiatives that benefit employees too.

  • CCTV Installation – Nzacksi Security can provide a extensive CCTV solution for your property. CCTV cameras ‘ existence alone acts as a powerful deterrent to criminals. Ensure that CCTV cameras face doors and are positioned to capture the faces of people.
  • Random and Scheduled Inspections – Random inspections have been shown to reduce the likelihood of theft. Our staff can perform planned and random inspections at your workplace to minimize the opportunity of employee theft. This will assist protect you and your customers ‘ interests.
  • Mobile Patrols Ensure Complete Coverage – The presence of security guards in and around your property will drastically reduce criminals ‘ threat of theft. Control of access points and tracking who enters and leaves the building are important. Knowing who has been where is a great tool for preventing internal threats.
  • Reduce Anonymity – If criminals understand precisely how your workplace operates, they will be much more effective. Consideration should be given to staff wearing identifiers, name-tags or uniforms. Those who are not part of your workplace will, therefore, stand out.
  • Alarms – In decreasing the risk of theft, alarms are an exceptionally useful deterrent. They tend to scare off intruders before any real damage can be caused. They’re not enough to safeguard your warehouse on their own. However, you can decrease the opportunity of robbery by a big margin with a combination of different techniques.

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