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Qualities to Become a Security Guard | Security Guard Service Cape Town

Security has remained an ongoing problem for South African companies, from armed robbery and shoplifting to drunken brawls. Security guards are at the protection of these companies to guarantee that such issues can be addressed efficiently and effectively.Security Guard Service Cape Town

The continuous possibility of a threat implies security guards must be on the ball at all times. Security guards, therefore, need to have a specific skill set to execute their duties in this manner.

These are the 6 qualities you need to so that you can help maintain the security of South African businesses:

  1. Preparedness – This means being properly and adequately equipped to manage any scenario that goes your way. Appropriate clothing and shoes are required during surveillance to keep you comfortable. You will also need vital security gear to communicate and manage any offenders you may encounter physically.
  2. Honesty – You need to work closely with your employer in this kind of position. This implies that your employer must have confidence in you to make the right choices to protect their company and the general public. So it’s essential to present yourself well so you can build and maintain this confidence.
  3. Quick Reflexes – Being a security guard implies you must always be alert and be able to evaluate what’s happening around you. You need to reflect your alertness in how rapidly you can respond to a possibly dangerous scenario. Security guards need to rapidly analyze the scenario so they can decide how to deal with it.
  4. Rationality – A security guard must be prepared to create good judgment calls, along with fast reflexes, about whether something is a legitimate threat and how big it is if it is a danger. Rationality is based on being able to make sense of every aspect of the scenario and predict how it will play out.
  5. Leader and Team Player – While security guards are rarely seen in organizations, they operate in teams in many instances to guarantee that a business ‘ perimeter is completely secure. This includes knowing when to make a claim and when to follow someone else’s instructions. This will enable your team to function effectively.
  6. Education and Training – Most importantly, a security guard requires to be fully aware of security activities. These industry standards and practices are essential to performing all duties in a professional way. Being educated and trained for this profession guarantees you are able to discover and sustain a steady career.

A career in security gives you the opportunity to use many of your natural skills. From your fitness and agility to your rational thinking, your skills can finally be put to use in this role.

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