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How to Choose a Security Company | Security Companies Cape Town

Choosing a security company is an important part of protecting your home from threatening situations such as intrusion and fire. And with so many options, selecting the right company may seem like a daunting task. Here are five easy steps for finding a reputable and experienced security company.Security Companies Cape Town

  • Seek Advice from Family and Friends – The easiest way to find a trustworthy company is through a personal referral. Use family members, friends and trusted neighbours who have alarm systems as resources. Find out about their experiences with security companies, which company they selected and why.
  • Find a Company with Certified Employees – When you speak with potential companies, ask them if their employees are certified through PSIRA and have completed extensive training. Trained and certified professionals often yield more efficient and higher quality work than those who are not certified.
  • Evaluate Work History – One of the best ways to determine if an alarm company is credible is through consumer claims and work history. This information is readily available from several sources such as the crime prevention department at your local law enforcement offices, licensing agencies in your state or consumer protection agencies.
  • Proof of Licenses – Some states require that security professional who installs alarm systems be licensed. Licensed professionals are trained and certified, which can reduce the risk of non-working alarms due to faulty installation. If applicable, ask potential companies if licensing is required in your state and if it is, ask for proof to ensure their licenses are up to date.
  • Take Time to Look Over Your Contract – After selecting a security company, read through your contract. Discuss the terms and address any questions you have with a company representative. Never feel pressured to sign anything and be cautious of companies that are too persistent.

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