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Nowadays, it is very evident that crime has also evolved along with the technology. Add to that the growing number of advanced equipment that can be maliciously manipulated to commit a felony. Safeguarding our premises has never been so important as today because there are a lot of opportunities criminals could take advantage of. While it is important to have security guards in your premises, it is also imperative that you choose a good security guard or set of security guards that fit your company’s profile. Security Guard Service Cape Town

  • Know your company profile – Choosing a good security guard requires the company to know his company’s security needs. This can be done with the help of a security adviser. First, you have to decide how many security guards you really need. You have to know how many doors and entries will need security personnel manning those chokepoints.
  • Determine the number of security personnel you need – You also have to determine how much of a force you will need for each entry or exit point within your premises. if you have a large company, consider having guards that will go around patrolling as mobile sentries other than those posted at the gates conducting an inspection. You may also want to hire covert security personnel or those that are not in uniform having rounds at the business premises.
  • Consider hiring ex-defence people -A good way to choose a security guard is to check their personal profile and professional background. Security guards who were ex-defence personnel are highly recommended. Whether they are former policemen or former soldiers is beneficial to your company. These men have been trained by the government in the art and science of defence, security, and firearms handling. To top that, ex-defence personnel are notable for their high sense of professionalism.
  • Check their credentials – As with any employee screening, you need to check the credentials of your security guards. This way, you can have full control of when and where to deploy them. It may also tell you if you really need to hire them or consider other candidates. You also need to check the authenticity of their credentials. Fraud is common nowadays. The time-consuming process of verification may save you from a lawsuit or from losing thousands of dollars someday.
  • Ask for references – Character references are an inherent part of employment. Spend time calling their references. Good security guards who are not hiding anything will liberally give you their references to boost their chances of getting hired.

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