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Event security involves much more than just dotting the location with security personnel. It is a very complicated method that involves comprehensive coordination and communication. Events Security Cape Town

With the right security practices, you’ll ensure the safety of your guests and staff — plus you’ll prevent damage to the venue and related property.

  1. Know the venue inside and out – You should also understand how porous the venue is. “Porous” relates to any manner that someone can get inside without actually using entry points. This might be a personnel back door or a window that can be opened from outside. Identify all entry points for the venue and ensure that all staff are aware of them. Creating a diagram you can share is an easy and effective way to give the team a visual understanding. If the venue is outdoors, establish boundaries where the event perimeter begins and ends. Temporary fencing and barricades can help.
  2. Gauge attendee risk – Is there any attendants or visitors that could pose a danger? For each ticket buyer, you can’t do a background check, of course. But, potential risks should be identified. For example, if a guest speaker represents a company with a controversial history, that may increase the risk of protests or attendees who want to cause a scene.
  3. Control the crowd – The larger the crowd, the higher the chance of something going wrong. Staff need to be comfortable managing big groups and exercising power when necessary. It’s also important that you ensure that the crowd in the venue never grows beyond the capacity limit. Remember to count all staff and security personnel when keeping track of total numbers. Going overcapacity can result in fines from the venue administrator.
  4. Assess the potential for large-scale attacks – We must mention this at all unfortunately, but this is the reality. Big crowds are an easy and soft target, so for larger events, armed security personnel are recommended. All customers should also have their bags inspected. A professional safety team is trained to search for guns or items that can be improvised as weapons. Aside from bag checks and body scanners, personnel should also be on the lookout for suspicious behaviour.

    Examples of abnormal behaviour that should alert staff include:

    • Constantly staring at staff
    • Lack of engagement or feigned interest in event activities
    • Surveilling the venue layout
  5. Keep communication tight – Stay in continuous communication with your staff. Make sure that every member of the staff has a walkie talk. The former should report all suspicious activity to the security team and refrain from direct confrontations.

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