How CCTV cameras safeguard your business - Control Room Monitoring Cape Town

How CCTV cameras safeguard your business | Control Room Monitoring Cape Town

A constant rise in crime related to business presents a severe danger to the loss of precious resources, punching holes in your pocket and levels of productivity. CCTV cameras offer cost-effective safety solutions that can be tailored to the size and type of company of any company. Control Room Monitoring Cape Town

Below are a few of the immediate advantages of a CCTV video surveillance system.

  1. DETER POTENTIAL BURGLARS – Business robbery has been on the increase in South Africa for the last eight years. During this era, business-related crime has seen a rise of 13.7 percent in the crime statistics published by SAPS. Every day, on average, 202 companies were burgled. This is a big motivator for many companies to increase security and find smarter ways of safeguarding their valuable assets. CCTV cameras installed in strategic places can provide a full view of your company premises – maintaining an eye on prospective intruders. With offsite monitoring applications, you can keep an eye on things even when you are not at the office. Detecting a prospective risk can assist enhance response time for security services to a prospective breakdown, minimizing property loss. In addition, recorded footage capture and storage offers reference footage that can be used to fix incidents that happen on your property.
  2. ENCOURAGE GOOD BEHAVIOR AMONG EMPLOYEES – Criminals are not the only ones that act better under a camera’s watchful eye. Employees are also more likely to be involved in good behaviour when they know their actions are recorded.
  3. PREVENT FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS AND SAFETY ISSUES – If a threatening legal issue arises, a surveillance system allows you to review and prove your case. An easy slip-n-fall injury on average can cost a company R220,800. Video camera surveillance systems can decrease this by demonstrating you have done your due diligence.
  4. SAVE ON INSURANCE RATES – Another way you can be saved by a CCTV system is by insurance charges. Providers give premiums up to 20 percent off for the establishment of a skilled security system. If an event occurs and you can provide video evidence of what has happened, you may avoid paying some deductibles.

So how could you use surveillance cameras to secure your facility here in Cape Town or elsewhere?

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