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Effectiveness of CCTV in Crime Prevention | Commercial Security Cape Town

Sometimes knowing that your behaviour can be captured on the camera can be enough to avoid crime, if not promoting proof for the crime after it has been performed.Commercial Security Cape Town

Before it occurs, video surveillance can deter crime, but only if your video surveillance system has the assistance it requires to do so. Here are three attributes your video surveillance system needs in order to prevent crime before it happens.

  1. A Well-trained Monitoring Staff – You may have a small number of cameras, depending on your company, focusing on one area or a large number of cameras that can see the span of several open spaces, inside and outside. No matter what your configuration is, one way to stop crime before it occurs is to have well-trained employees to supervise what’s occurring on these cameras. Video monitors or camera operators should be educated not only in the systems and procedures that your company establishes when a crime is ongoing or has been identified but also in those “soft skills” that can enable a team of individuals to watch your business for you.
  2. The Right Number of Cameras – It’s tempting to fill every nook and cranny with a camera when installing your video surveillance system to capture everything that occurs in or around your business. And the goal is correct — you want to secure your location as a company owner, which is why you first set up video surveillance. An unmanageable amount of cameras, however, can have a negative impact on your monitoring system. GCN, a website that delivers technology assessments, says that the best approach is to start small and place cameras in your area carefully and thoughtfully. You’ll want to start with cameras that film the most vulnerable spots in your property, like the entrance.
  3. Integration with the Right Technology – With the technology that we have at our fingertips today, it is highly useful for business owners to assess methods to incorporate their video surveillance systems into technologies that they use every day, or procedures and systems that make it simpler and quicker for all involved to communicate the crime. Business owners can more effectively discourage crime by making it simpler to communicate the situation, whether it’s watching the clip or using the technology that we use every day.

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