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6 Event Security Tips to Keep Your Guests Safe | Events Security Cape Town

It’s your task as an event manager to guarantee your guests ‘ safety, yet event security is often considered by event managers as the last element of the case. That means it gets a much smaller part of the budget than it deserves.Events Security Cape Town

There’s a security threat any time you collect a large number of people together. The potential for damage is too big not to take event safety seriously. Here are six important recommendations for disaster management.

  1. Keep Your Security Measures Visible – Security’s primary objective is not to react to threats. The objective is to avoid threats in the first place. It’s best if your security measures are seen and moved on by a potential agitator. That’s why it does more damage than useful to hide your security team or put them undercover throughout your event. Agitators will believe that the event is unprotected and may decide to cause trouble. You also make your attendees feel safer by making your security team and equipment visible. They know you’ve enlisted the help of people and tools to protect their wellbeing. They know where to find assistance in case of an emergency.
  2. Create Security Checkpoints – One of the main methods to safeguard individuals from threats is to set up checkpoints away from the gathering that attendees have to go through to get in. This forces agitators to face security staff (or even your registration staff) long before any damage can be caused. This way if an uninvited person tries to enter, they’ll be stopped before they reach the crowd.
  3. Match IDs to Registration Information – To make sure people who attend the event actually belong there, it’s important to collect identifying information in advance when they register. Ideally, you’d want each guest to send you a copy of their ID to compare it to their gate ID. This is the best way to verify identification, but it is not always viable. If someone’s ID doesn’t fit your registration information with, it’s best not to let them in.
  4. Keep Private Events Private – Some organizations, even if the events are not accessible to the public, like to publicly announce their events on blogs, in newsletters, in press releases, and on social media. We understand that you are proud of your event, but it’s a security risk to inform the public about an event. For example, a dinner that is only open to the company’s upper management,  there’s no need to tell everyone. If agitators don’t know about the event, they can not disrupt it or harm anyone.
  5. Develop an Emergency Plan – In order to develop an emergency response plan, you will want to sit with your security team and the area before the event. The plan’s aim is to draft a procedure that will be enacted by all in case of a disaster.
  6. Screen Your Staff – Sadly, from the inside, there are many security risks. It is important to carefully examine anyone who is working for you to ensure that they have no malicious intentions. If your employees often do not work together, introduce them before the event to one another. Instruct them to lookup for individuals who are posing as staff. If possible, give your team a unique identifier on the day of the event (such as a wrist band, stamp, or T-shirt). Don’t let anyone in advance access the identifier.
  7. (BONUS TIP) *Consider Hiring Outside Help – You may want to make some space in your budget to employ security experts if you believe your security demands are good. You may trust your event staff, but an experienced security team’s trained eye can be great assistance in a crowded high-risk event. Once you bring in professionals, listen to them. Trained security staff can recognize flaws that you may not see in your security plan. They understand how agitators and troublemakers think so they can assist you to prioritize your security services for the best results.

The Keys to Event Security

You can’t eliminate all security risks from events, but you can decrease their probability, minimize the chance of harm to your guests, and prevent agitators from causing trouble. The keys to good security are preparation and vigilance. If you consider your potential threats and invest resources into countering trouble, you’ll host a safe event for your guests.

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