Why businesses contract private security - Security Companies Cape Town

Why Businesses Contract Private Security – Security Companies Cape Town

Nzacksi Security Corporation believes that every guard team should be working directly with a video surveillance system to enhance a facility’s overall security. The combination of manual security and digital security greatly enhances the security of a facility.Security Companies Cape Town

A video surveillance system can be your guard team’s extra set of eyes

A security guard, or even an entire team of guards, is bound to miss something – they are human after all. Perhaps, they missed an incident because they were on rounds elsewhere, or maybe they just had their back turned at the wrong time. A video surveillance system, and the guard monitoring it will pick up the slack when a guard may simply overlook something suspicious.

Your guards will be able to cover more ground

Even with all the walking security guards do – a video surveillance system still covers more ground. Cameras can cover every inch of your facility if needed. With the cost of IP cameras falling and video quality continuing to improve large-high-quality systems are becoming more common than ever.

A video surveillance system is more credible during investigations

Compared to video, eyewitness testimonies are inherently unreliable. Many eyewitness accounts are vulnerable to recall bias, which occurs when outside forces cause the brain to completely rewrite a memory.

A person can easily forget or not even notice important details of an event. In fact, according to ISPUB, 20% of critical details are sometimes not even recognized and other details are completely irretrievable after the incident. It will be a lot easier for your guards to analyze incidents and recall information using a video surveillance system because they can easily watch the recorded event.

You’ll save money

The combination of security guards and video surveillance is undoubtedly a reliable option for increased security, but you may be able to scale back on your guard force or minimize certain shifts after implementing a video surveillance system. While a video surveillance system may be more upfront; the payout can easily be worth it.

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