Security guard vs Surveillance system - Security Guard Service Cape Town

Security Guard vs Surveillance System – Security Guard Service Cape Town

We are living in an age where crime is rampant. Criminals seem to become more brazen every day. Businesses have become a major target. Corporate espionage is on the rise, with criminals frequently targeting major corporations to steal their information and sell it to the competition on the black market.Security Guard Service Cape Town

Shoplifting is responsible for massive losses in retail, and homes and apartment buildings are potential break-in targets. The bottom line is that no matter where you are, you can never be too safe or have too much security.

If you are a building manager or a business owner, you will need to consider whether to use a security guard or surveillance system or both. Just in case you have to choose between the two, let’s start by comparing a security guard vs a camera:

Surveillance Cameras

Cameras can be a valuable resource when it comes to documenting a criminal act and identifying the perpetrators at a later time. However, your ultimate goal should be to prevent a crime from happening in the first place.

Does the sight of a surveillance camera pointing at them prevent a criminal from breaking into a building? The answer is probably not. As long as the criminal has his or her face covered to prevent being identified, most of them will go ahead with their misdeed.

Security Guards

Having an actual living, trained and experienced professional on-site is a complete game-changer when it comes to protecting a building or business from being broken into. If criminals approach a building and see a security guard, there is the much stronger crime deterrent of potentially being caught in the act, as opposed to appearing anonymously on film.

So in the comparison between a security guard vs a camera, it can be concluded that surveillance cameras are always useful, but they will never be a satisfactory replacement for a trained, on-site security officer.

The Sterling Protective Advantage

We provide on-site security officers to make your business or building safer. Having a surveillance system is fine, but it is most effective when monitored by trained professionals, like the individuals on our staff. Having on-site security officers is an excellent tool for the witnessing and documenting of crimes or attempted crimes.

Security guards also act as a strong deterrent for people thinking about attempting to break in. It is important to note that our security officers are strongly discouraged from getting actively involved in crime prevention. Our main role is to observe and report, and to get law enforcement involved where necessary. Actively deterring theft and assisting law enforcement are the primary goals of our security officers.

Video Monitoring by Professionals

If you already have cameras installed, that’s great. However, having trained professionals there to monitor them will ensure that your property is completely protected.

It is not going to do you much good to show up at your building or business in the morning and find it broken into, and all you have is a recording of the crime from your cameras. This is a crime that might never have happened or could have been easily prevented if a guard was present to alert police.

When considering a security guard or surveillance system, always remember that having the human element involved in your video monitoring is the factor that will truly make your property safe.

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