What’s Hot in Company Security in 2019 - Security Companies Cape Town

What’s Hot in Company Security in 2019? – Security Companies Cape Town

For a long time companies have been primarily concerned with securing themselves against security threats whether internally or externally.Security Companies Cape Town

Check out the latest in commercial security with these five big trends.

Video on the Rise

Cybersecurity for cameras is a popular way to avoid being hacked. Alternatively, looking for clear pictured, high-definition security cameras that are already highly secure and less easily hacked makes economic sense. When we talk cybersecurity with video, some of the latest protective measures are:

  • No Requirements for Opening Inbound Ports
  • Data Encryption
  • Two Step (Multi-Factor) Authentication

Furthermore, establishing a trusted connection eliminates potential vulnerabilities in your network by removing the need to open ports in your firewall.

Smartphone (Remote) Access

To have an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet means to have an extra set of eyes on your company 24/7. Accessing the business security system-both the alarm system and the cameras-is as easy as it has ever been, with more improvements on the rise. The secret advantage of all this innovation is that more criminals will see it as a deterrent!

Wireless Alarm Systems vs. Landlines

Wireless alarm systems and security cameras are not going away, but there are landlines! More and more homes and businesses are opting for wireless alarm systems. They’re safer, you can remotely access them, and you can get rid of your phone line. It’s all about money saved in more ways than one!

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