Advantages of Mobile Security Patrol - Security Services Cape Town

Advantages of Mobile Security Patrol – Security Services Cape Town

If you have a large area to protect, you likely utilize multiple security measures to ensure everyone’s safety. In these cases, there’s just too much square footage to entrust only one measure of security.Security Services Cape Town

Here’s a walk through the advantages of adding a cost-effective mobile patrol unit and mobile stops to your business security measures!

If your business needs in-person protection but does not have a 24/7 security guard budget, the mobile patrol is a great option. Trained, uniformed security officers take care of your property, large or small, throughout the day and night.

Typically, business with a lot of square footage utilize these services but liquor stores and other small businesses have also found a need for the added layer of protection.

Examples include:

  • Car dealerships
  • College, medical and corporate campuses
  • Construction sites
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hotels,and malls
  • Large manufacturing facilities

Visible + Trained + Uniformed Security Officers

With marked vehicles and trained, uniformed security guards, patrolling, your campus has added peace of mind with clear, live security. This security measure helps prevent crimes before they occur and also helps to ensure that workers are checked in person. Find the opportunity to provide security escorts to your employees as a career benefit!

Our mobile patrol officers are trained and specialize in the detection of theft, fire prevention, employee welfare and safety awareness.

24/7 Accessibility + Alarm Response + Mobility

Mobile patrol officers have 24-hour dispatch capabilities that allow them to respond quickly to threatening situations (or sounding security alarms) on and around your property. And because you have the option to assign officers to be present all day and all night, you don’t have to think about a cemetery shift any more than you do on a day shift.

Moreover, you’re not limited to a finite location; if the people and things you want to secure and protect are located off-site, a remote job site, for example, we’ll come to you!

Electronic Communications & Reporting

The mobile patrol officers use Bloodhound, the guard force management system, which conveniently allows for checkpoint tours, GPS tracking, incident recording, real-time warnings and transparency. Its technology provides for checks and balances on a well-designed interaction platform that allows for reductions in both miscommunication and error.

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