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Tips to Keep Your Attendees Safe | Events Security Cape Town

Event professionals are concerned about making their events a safer space, assuring the attendees of their security. It has been noticed that a widespread concern persists among the masses at least in that particular area even after being notified about the measures taken for their safety.Events Security Cape Town

This is why there is a need for the organisers to walk that extra mile and ensure that the arrangements are in place to stop any untoward activity from taking place. This is what actually builds the confidence of the audience for the event.

So what is required to be done on the part of the event planners in order to gain this confidence and make sure that the attendees have a secure and overall amazing event experience?

Here is a few tips event planners can keep in mind for organizing safe and secure events:

  1. Selection of Venue: – The planning for event security must begin right from the inception of your event plan. While selecting a venue for your event, be sure to keep in mind the safety aspect of the venue.
    Select a venue that is convenient and also in a city and an area with the lowest crime rate. Be sure to double-check if the venue that you are booking has their own trained security staff and proper surveillance facilities. Better safe than sorry.
  2. Crowd Control: – Managing the crowd can be really difficult especially in case of large-scale events. It is impossible to keep tabs on all the attendees. It requires a number of security staff. This will surely interfere with your budget.
  3. Digital check-ins: – Digital check-ins will simplify the process by eliminating the tedious process of manual check-ins and long queues. This makes crowd management easier.
    It also helps in creating an accurate and reliable database of the attendees present at the venue, reducing the possibility of mistakes. Such check-ins are secured by a digital key or password. The event organizers can easily track any unauthorized member if present at the venue.
  4. Trained Event Security Team: – Most venues for such events no matter the scale of events have some form of in-house security arrangement. But, it is always better to hire a trained private security team. Have an event security plan ready at hand and have a security briefing before the event.
    Set specific guidelines for luggage checking counters and secure both interior and exterior parameters of the venue. A trained security team equipped to reduce risk and manage any such situation is always a good investment.
  5. Surveillance: – As mentioned above, it is difficult, almost impossible to manually track every single attendee at every corner of the venue. CCTV cameras are the most preferred tools for digital surveillance.
    Drones are now an add on an event tech tool that can be used for such security purposes. Drones provide a bird-eye view of the entire venue and are a suitable option for large-scale big-budget events.

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