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The Key Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems | Control Room Monitoring Cape Town

For a long time, video surveillance was something mainly used by large companies and governments; a technology you only saw in movies. However, things have changed and security cameras are everywhere. But why have they become so popular? Can having surveillance cameras in your home really help? Control Room Monitoring Cape Town

Below are the reasons why security Videos have become popular in businesses and homes:

  • Apprehend a suspect when a crime occurs – A major merit of having a video security system is the ability to apprehend a suspect (inaction) that it offers. Digital security videos are connected to Smartphone via the internet to steam real-time, high-resolution footage to owners. For example, last year a supermarket owner appeared in BBC news reporting how having video cameras helped him prevent a 30,000-pound theft. Footages of the suspect in action were transmitted to his phone, and he immediately alerted the police.
  • Acts As a Deterrent to Crime – The video surveillance system acts as a deterrent to crime. To a potential criminal, merely seeing a signage warning from a camera or the actual cameras can be unnerving. Your main objective is to prevent crime when drawing up your security plan, and that’s exactly what surveillance cameras are helping you achieve.
  • Enhanced the productivity of employees – Another key benefit of having security videos is the improved productivity they promote. When most individuals hear about prevention of loss, their minds usually click on ways to prevent theft. Surveillance cameras are also helpful for parents with babysitters leaving their kids home. It enables them to capture details of what happens when they’re away in real-time. In addition, knowing that homeowners are watching, babysitters will behave responsibly in the performance of their responsibilities by default.
  • They Provide Admissible Evidence – High-resolution video recording enables you to capture and document everything in your property that happens. While your security system’s main objective is to deter crime, security videos allow you to capture even more details.
  • Solid support for insurance claims – Recorded footages of vandalism or theft from security cameras is enough to validate your insurance claims. In addition, even if you never use footages in court or to support insurance claims, installing security cameras helps lowers your business risk. This translates to a lower premium on your insurance policy.

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