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Nzacksi Security is an independent retail security company offering services for man guarding and security guarding and offering a wide variety of personalized, efficient and tailored security services. Security Guard Service Cape Town

We are a company of talented, motivated and enthusiastic people who enjoy working with businesses and individuals who maintain people’s same values, enthusiasm, exciting future, and new thinking.
We want to achieve the best possible standards. Our key standards are:

  • World-Class service
  • Clear communication
  • Commercial awareness
  • Personal Integrity
  • Quality procedures and management
  • Presentation & Image
  • Reliability
  • Professional Attitude & skills

Every client may differ totally from each other, but we have a committed team to provide all our clients and customers with the same quality and consistency.

Our clients generate a challenging role for our guards so they are trained to address the complexities surrounding these sites. In order to safeguard the staff and customers, it is necessary for the guard to take a friendly approach and engage with their community but to remain alert and alert to danger at all times.

Where we can operate:

  • Supermarkets
  • Fashion Stores
  • Factory Outlets
  • Electronic Stores
  • Restaurants/Coffee Shops
  • Department Stores
  • Early Openings & Late Closings

The unique part of our service is displayed through our guard’s customer service skills. We train our staff to treat every event, short term or long-term security requirement with the same professionalism and with equal enthusiasm.

Our guards represent the face of our company through their expert knowledge of their role, your company and our morals. They come smartly dressed each day and display how we work through the kind and polite way we train them to communicate with staff, customers and colleagues.

The primary role for our security guards is to secure premises and personnel by patrolling property; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry to authorised personnel only.

If you are keen to have Nzacksi Security securing your home or company, please contact us today and one of our advisors will be willing to help with your specific requirements. Your safety is our priority. Click here to send us your Enquiry or to request a callback.

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