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Safety Tips for 2020 – Security Solutions Cape Town

Are your New Year’s Resolutions set? We have one goal you may want to throw into the mix––your safety! Making small, intentional changes to protect yourself in a normal routine will make you more aware of your surroundings. Whether online, at home or in vehicles, here are some tips to make 2020 your safest year yet. Security Solutions Cape Town

Ridesharing, while convenient, can be dangerous if not executed with great caution. Uber says there are small ways to stay alert during your ride.

  • Requesting your ride inside a building ensures you aren’t vulnerable on your phone alone outside.
  • When getting into a car, be sure to check your drivers’ license plate, car make, model and driver photo through the Uber app.
  • Ask the driver who they are picking up and wait to hear your name. Wear a seat belt and be a back-seat driver.
  • Stay alert to the driving patterns of your driver and be aware of any strange behaviour.
  • Additionally, protecting your online presence is incredibly important in 2020. Stay Safe Online gives tips for using caution on the internet.

  • Create unique passwords for all of your accounts. Using the same password for every account is not safe and is easy for hackers to figure out.
  • Never save your financial information on websites. Saving credit card information and addresses saves time, but if you can see it, hackers probably can too.
  • At home, there are simple ways to be safer that could make a huge difference in dangerous situations. Safewise recommends the following:

  • Maintain adequate home security like an alarm system as an effective way to alert police during possible break-in situations.
  • Make sure your doors are always locked. Don’t give anyone access to your home by leaving your doors, or windows, unlocked!
  • If you have a spare key, don’t hide it somewhere obvious! Under the doormat, or in a fake rock are hiding places anyone could guess.
  • Everyone should have a way of protecting themselves when alone. According to Women on Guard, even something as small as pepper spray can save your life. Having a mechanism of protection with you at all times can give you precious seconds in a life-threatening situation. Whether it be pepper spray, a taser or other small protection devices, be sure to always have something to make yourself a harder target. Personal protection tools can save your life!

    One of the biggest ways to stay safe in 2020 is to stay aware. To Stun and Run Self Defense, self-awareness is a valuable skill. In public spaces, walk with a purpose. This communicates confidence and makes you a harder target for criminals. Make eye contact with people, especially if they are making you nervous. Reduce distractions when surrounded by large crowds. Technology can make you forget where you were going and can pigeon-hole your vision. Crime can occur at any moment, even in public spaces. Be aware of your surroundings and equip yourself properly in 2020 and all the years to come.

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