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Signs Your Office Building Needs a Security Officer – Security Companies Cape Town

You want your commercial building to be safe, but is it? As a business owner or manager, it’s up to you to keep your employees, tenants, and clients safe while they’re on your property. Hiring a security officer for the entrance to greet as customer service or concierge, or to walk your property can help keep away people who would commit crimes like vandalism and burglary.Security Companies Cape Town

Having a security officer as the first line of defence can help diffuse potential situations and deter people with malicious intent.

Not everyone recognizes the signs that they should hire a security officer. If your office has existed for a long time without on-site security, you may not even see the signs of a problem. Here’s what you need to know to keep your building safe.

Thefts in Your Parking Lot

Between 2018 and 2019, over 10 percent of property crimes took place in parking lots or garages. Thefts in the parking lot can take a lot of forms, but all of these crimes should raise concerns, including:

  • Vehicle or parking lot vandalism
  • Vehicle breaking and entering
  • If your parking lot is a target, people on your property could be at risk. Keeping a security officer on hand to patrol the parking lot can help keep the people who come to your office building safe.

    High (or Rising) Crime in the Neighborhood

    Many communities publish their crime statistics online or make these statistics available through regular publications. Check with your local police department to find out where to access crime statistics for your area. If your police department doesn’t provide statistics, find an online source that provides crime stats — perform an Internet search for free crime statistics for more information.

    Check the statistics for your neighbourhood and surrounding neighbourhoods on a regular basis. If the information is provided, look for the type of crimes committed. This will tell you a lot about the ways in which your building is vulnerable.

    Rising Safety Incidents

    Security officers don’t just prevent crime, they can also help when certain types of safety incidents occur. A good security officer will walk the grounds throughout their shift. If your security officer encounters someone in distress (for example, if someone is experiencing a medical emergency), your security officer will have the equipment on hand to place an emergency call, and training to provide help.

    A good security officer may also see safety and maintenance concerns before others. Whether the stairs at your building have become icy overnight, or there’s a tripping hazard in the parking lot, an active security officer can easily be the first person to encounter and solve these issues.

    And by watching over the asset after hours for fires and leaks and checking engineer rooms for potential problems, a security officer can limit the need for insurance claims.

    Insecure Building and Parking Lot

    If your office building is unlocked during business hours and your parking lot is not protected by a wall, fence, or gate, then your building may be vulnerable. A security officer can help ensure that your building can remain accessible without sacrificing safety.

    If you’re a business owner with an office building, increasing security can help keep your employees and clients safe. Contact a reputable security firm today to find out more about how you can secure your property.

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