Roles of Unarmed Security Officers - Security Guard Service Cape Town

Roles of Unarmed Security Officers – Security Guard Service Cape Town

Many of us feel safe with security guards around. We often see them in public areas. We notice them doing security checks as we go shopping, transact in a bank, pick up our children from school, or even visiting an amusement park. No doubt we feel secure when we see these trustworthy people.Security Guard Service Cape Town

Some might think that all security guards are armed. However, that’s not always the case. Security guards could either be armed or unarmed who also have undergone training and are qualified to protect against customers assets.

But what exactly are the duties and responsibilities of an unarmed security guard?

Basic Duties and Responsibilities

Basically, unarmed security guards are to prevent a crime, not to respond to it. Having their presence gives a layer of protection. Visibility of security guards around a specific area gives visitors a sense of protection.

Oftentimes, unarmed security guards fulfil the role of gatekeepers. They control access of those who enter a specific building or establishment. Some keep a record of the identification of visitors by asking them to present documents or identification cards and taking note of vehicle identification. They also monitor security cameras for anything unusual taking place. They need to stay alert and vigilant for anything suspicious and use their discernment when to call for assistance.

Unarmed security guards are also responsible for maintaining order among people during large gatherings. They do their best to make sure that they keep the people in attendance safe, and prevent a stampede. They safeguard not only people but also properties.

Additional Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities of a security guard are not limited to guarding, monitoring, patrolling, and notifying authorities in case of any criminal behaviour. In some instances, they may be asked to perform special tasks such as running errands, responding to text messages and phone calls of one’s employer, and other additional responsibilities. Some unarmed security guards are hired for a specific purpose, such as working with people who are responsible for safeguarding cash or other valuables, and their job is to protect the valuables during transport.

Knowing the duties and responsibilities of unarmed security guards can help us better cooperate with them. There may be times when we felt that presenting identification cards are unnecessary and a waste of time, but these responsible individuals are just doing their job to keep everyone, including you, safe.

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