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Hire Off-Duty Police Officers or Security Guards – Security Solutions Cape Town

Would you use a sledgehammer to kill a fly? Many business owners struggle with the debate of hiring off-duty police officers vs security guards. Police officers are obviously the better choice, right?Security Solutions Cape Town

Benefits of Hiring Off-Duty Police Officers:

Police Officers are Highly Trained

Certified Law Enforcement Officers are highly trained in a wide variety of topics relevant to their role in the enforcement of laws including the operations of the judiciary system, evidentiary procedures, traffic laws, search procedures, gang activities, etc.

They Often Generate A Faster Law Enforcement Response If Something Happens

Without exception, it’s safe to say that a police officer generating a call for help on their duty radio is going to get a faster response from other nearby officers than if a security guard places a call through the emergency line to get assistance

They Know the Law and Are Experienced at Testifying in Court

Police Officers are well trained in the law. If you have a situation that reaches the point of an arrest, then that police officer is going to be trained to do everything properly and ensure a victory in court for your organization.

The Police Uniform Commands a Higher Level of Respect & Attention

Police Officers are going to be treated with more respect and reverence than a security guard. If it’s a particularly difficult duty location, then that Police Officer’s uniform and badge may well be worth the investment over a security guard.

Benefits of Hiring Security Officers:

Security Guards are Much Less Expensive Than Off-Duty Police Officers

Security Officers, especially unarmed guards, are less expensive than off-duty police officers. Even an armed security guard is going to cost less than the off-duty police officer. If there is an active shooter event happening at your location, that well-trained armed security guard can respond just as effectively in the first moments.

Private Security Offers Flexibility in Appearance

Would a police uniform create a sense of concern among your tenants or customers, making them question the safety of the area if a police officer is required? Perhaps your commercial office building would be better served by professionally dressed guards in blazers and pants rather than the “hard uniform” typical of police.

Security Guards Won’t Leave You If Another Crime Is Committed Nearby

If there is a situation in town, it is likely your police officer will be recalled to duty, leaving you with no coverage. Their loyalty is to the oath they took to protect the community and to the government agency that pays their primary salary. Security Guards are dedicated to your needs and won’t leave you.

Security Guards Offer the Option to Provide Specific Training to Suit Your Needs

It’s not likely that you will be able to provide specific training to the police officers assigned to your business. Even if they are there consistently, they won’t have the time to dedicate. Working with your security company you can ensure that the security guards assigned to your location are trained to provide service in the manner that you require and to do the things on patrol that serve you best.


The bottom line is that every business needs to evaluate their specific needs. You must weigh the cost of hiring off-duty police officers vs the flexibility and other benefits of hiring private security to determine which is best for your facility.

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