How To Secure Your Construction Site - Security Solutions Cape Town

How To Secure Your Construction Site – Security Solutions Cape Town

Every week in Cape Town, R30 000 worth of equipment is stolen from sites, with less than 10% of this recovered by police. It’s not hard to see why it’s problematic for companies: money is wasted in replacing equipment, time is wasted as it takes longer to get the job done, and worker safety is jeopardised too.Security Solutions Cape Town

However, there are ways you can combat this. Here are our five top tips to keep your site secure. Rest assured criminals won’t get in the way of you doing your job once you’ve implemented these tactics.

1. Keep areas lit

Installing lights on your construction site will help to deter criminals, as it will make them easier to spot when the lights are on, alerting passers-by.

Having the lights on also means that potential trespassers may believe workers are still on-site. This could stop many opportunists from trying their luck, helping to increase the security on your site.

2. Install cameras and alarms

If lights don’t catch criminals, cameras and alarms certainly will. By having CCTV surveying your site 24 hours a day, criminals will be clearly caught on camera. In fact, the lights installed will help, as trespassers will be easier to see, giving you a higher possible chance of catching them.

Alarms are great in keeping your site secure too. You have two options: a loud alarm will provide criminals with such a shock, they’ll likely be scared away before they can do any damage. Plus, the noise will alert anyone nearby, so there’s a high chance of someone calling the police.

The other option is a silent alarm. These are designed to contact the police directly without the intruders knowing, meaning they’re usually caught red-handed.

3. On-Site Security Guards

Just installing artificial security systems isn’t enough for construction site security. You cannot skip having on-site security guards as they are present there physically, alerting any intruder before trespassing the premises. Hiring professional security guards for your site is essential as they are trained and equipped to handle such emergencies.

4. Mobile Patrol Systems

Having a mobile patrol system to enhance your site’s security works well for the entire neighbourhood. Unlike guards who are present 24/7 on your property, mobile patrols inspect your site from time to time to check for theft or other security issues. This bars an intruder from entering the construction site as the mobile patrol visits are not fixed.

Having troubling finding the right security company? Get in touch with us and know more about helpful ways how Nzacksi Security Services can secure your construction site.

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