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How to Observe & Avoid Threats | Body Guards Cape Town

The most successful bodyguards keep their principals away from any known or possible threats through avoidance, staying alert at all times and being aware of their environment. Threat prevention methods against your principal place significant importance on observation skills; keeping a constant state of vigilance, noticing suspicious actions of others, anticipating and avoiding possible danger at long, medium and short-range.Body Guards Cape Town

  • Executive Surveillance – Executive surveillance is a term used to describe a specially planned, organized and goal-oriented activity to detect the absence or presence of potential threats in your general area. The difference between executive surveillance and ordinary protective observation is that surveillance follows an objective for keeping your principal safe through a detailed observation plan that follows a precise method. The disciplines for executive surveillance described below are for bodyguards working solo or on a team. The development of disciplines for executive surveillance is an easy skill to acquire and should become an essential part of your “radar and warning device” to avoid threats before they have a change to occur. These techniques are novel, and executive protection specialists and corporate executives should absorb their safety merits for threat avoidance.
  • Categorizing the Severity of the Threat – The process is about categorizing the severity of threats in the area to determine a response. This includes:
    • Watching for people loitering in the area,
    • Obtain an ongoing assessment of information in the area; this information provides an immediate threat feedback loop
    • Keeping aware of people watching you and your principal
    • Avoiding strangers getting too close to your principal
    • Avoiding vehicles getting too close to your location while on foot
    • Seeing if there are any trends or patterns occurring in the area,
    • Formulating an immediate response plan for certain situations in advance
  • Executive Surveillance Techniques – Bodyguards should use the following threat prevention surveillance techniques; start purposefully observing the immediate area in a systematic manner. Before you can accurately assess when someone is a potential threat, you need to have a recognized standard of what is considered safe and normal. Observe what normal behaviour is for the people and activities within the area. After you know what is normal, look for people who are demonstrating the wrong behaviour.

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