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How To Be Your Own Bodyguard – Body Guards Cape Town

People need to know more about how to defend themselves in the event of an attack in the current environment. Personal protection and self-defence will take many forms, of which we all talk about the physical aspect of self-defence.Body Guards Cape Town

However, our personal security tips should help reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of an attack in the first place by making yourself less of a target and less vulnerable.

There are numerous threats and risks that we all face on a daily basis, some that we can control to a certain extent–like crossing the road, others that we can’t control. The key is preparation, both physically and mentally. We can’t plan or anticipate any eventuality, but we can best prepare ourselves for the worst and try our best to protect ourselves.

Here are 5 of the best simple self-defence tips so more people can defend themselves against an attack.

1. Stay off your phone – no earphones!

Stay alert and keep off your phone or on silent, not only does using your phone in public take away your local awareness and alertness, but you’re also advertising your phone to passing opportunist thieves. Put your phone away and remove your earphones – stay alert, stay alive!

2. Avoid showing off valuables

Through displaying valuable items, you are making yourself a target. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets. Expensive headphones, wallets, watches and rings are all things that should be kept hidden from sight when you’re in public alone. Literally, thieves will see you as rich pickings and may even be trailing you around for more valuables.

3. Always tell someone where you’re going

If you’re heading out for a run or visiting friends let someone know where you’re going and how long you’re going to be out. Try not to walk into quiet, unlit parks or backstreets. Stay vigilant about the next potential threat to yourself at all times.

When you suspect you’re being followed do something about it, don’t be a victim. head to any emergency services buildings, they are normally open 24/7. Practice your personal safety so that it becomes a natural day-to-day routine, rather than a chore. Know your routes and buildings that are safe and have a plan–just in case!

4. Take Self-Defence Classes

We don’t all have to be Bruce Lee, but a few lessons with friends or colleagues will massively boost your morale and give you the core skills that will help if the worst gets worse. Learning how to protect yourself physically is an essential and life-saving skill.

5. Hire Personal Protection

Should you find yourself in a difficult situation where you need a bodyguard or a full close-up protection service, whether it’s a stalker or an obsessed ex-partner, then call Nzacksi Security today, we will be delighted to assist you and educate you on our personal security services.

If you are keen to have Nzacksi Security securing your business or office, please contact us today and one of our advisors will be willing to help with your specific requirements. Your safety is our Priority.Click here to send us your Enquiry or to request a callback. Click here to send us your Enquiry or to request a callback.

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