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Burglary is now the fastest growing crime nationwide. In order to stop a burglar from entering your home, it is important to have multiple defences in place, commonly referred to as ‘rings of security’. These rings can take many forms such as; garden gates, perimeter walls/fences, PIR floodlights, CCTV, burglar alarm, locks, doors and windows. Anything which deters or slows a burglar.Security Solutions Cape Town

There are also a few common-sense measures you can take to make sure your house isn’t a target. We discuss some of the most important ‘ Do’s and Don’ts ‘ with you in this article, so you can make sure that your protection at home is up to scratch.

Do: Invest in a burglar alarm system

Very easy, but very effective still. Evidence has shown that criminals are avoiding homes with professional alarm systems in place. So if you’ve got one, it’s going to deter burglars. Just make sure that you are using it! Make sure it’s on before you leave for work, and even when you go to bed, make it a habit. Invest wisely and protect your home 24/7.

Don’t: Advertise your goods

If you’ve just bought a new TV or a new laptop, don’t leave the empty box outside your house for everyone to see. This will inform burglars that it’s worth breaking in and what you’ve got to offer. Take the box straight to the recycling centre, or keep it in your garage or inside your house. Likewise, invest in some screens or blinds so that criminals don’t see your house as a shop window.

Do: Show off your security

Like the alarm, signs that inform the burglars what protection you have in place can act as a deterrent. CCTV, for example, the presence of a sign might be enough to save your valuables. Pointing out that you’re watching and recording them is usually enough to change their minds. Also, if you have a dog, a warning sign that lets people know about their safety and yours!

Don’t: Leave keys

Burglars will first look Under doormats and plant pots, so don’t make it easy for them. If you need to leave a key, leave it with your neighbour. Don’t leave your keys in the door or by the door. Take your keys to bed, some remotes have the ability to sound an alarm or a horn or turn on the lights.

Do: Maintain your garden

Shrubbery can be a great way to add protection to your house, but only if it’s well maintained Out of control shrubs can be a great hiding place for burglars to lie down and wait. It can also block the view of your house from the road making it easier for burglars not to be seen by the passing public, police or security patrols.

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