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Hiring a Security Guard for Special Events | Security Guard Service Cape Town

You’ve been preparing for this event all year — you were able to secure a celebrated jewellery designer for a trunk show at your location. You’ve sent out the invitations to your premier clients, arranged for hors d’ oeuvres and beverages, advertised in local media, and arranged to have extra staff on hand.Security Guard Service Cape Town

You’re confident that your store’s partnership with this designer will take your business to the next level, and you’ve planned for this for years. This event will put your business on the map!

You’ve thought of almost everything … but before you open the doors to your event, there’s another critical consideration requiring your attention:

The security of your staff and customers during this event must be properly planned and thought out. This includes the hiring of a security guard for your event.

Why a guard? Why now? You’ve never had one before, and things have been fine!

Remember that you have highly publicized your event – especially if you promote it using social media – casting a spotlight on merchandise in your store that is highly sought-after and valuable. And like many of these types of special promotions, your event is being held after hours. Consequently, your event is a natural target for jewellery criminals. The criminals will anticipate that your event will be well-attended and that your staff will be taxed with the influx of customers.

For all of these reasons, you’re smart to consider hiring a guard for special events or other times when you can expect high traffic at your location. Is this your first time considering hiring a security guard? Here is some guidance from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company:

  1. Whenever possible, contract with a uniformed, armed, off-duty police officer for your event.
  2. Attempt to secure someone who is familiar with the jewellery industry and with your location.
  3. Have a meeting before the event so you and the guard can form a plan for security. Plan on giving the guard a tour and a diagram of the setup for the event. Discuss where you feel your location could be the most vulnerable. Be open to suggestions from the security professional.
  4. The guard should be present during the setup for the event and should remain through closing. These are the most vulnerable times for you and your staff.
  5. If the designer or the designer’s representative is travelling with the line, consider having a guard present when that individual arrives. The guard should also be present when the individual leaves and should provide an escort, if possible.
  6. If working through a guard service, make sure to check references and confirm that the guard service carries appropriate insurance coverage and the necessary permits.

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