4 Must-Haves In Warehouse Security - Commercial Security Cape Town

4 Must-Haves In Warehouse Security – Commercial Security Cape Town

Warehousing of goods requires a secure storage facility for your goods. Warehouses are not the place where you’re going to have groups of people going around to buy things. Warehouses are generally built away from the main storage facility and are generally short on patrol personnel who take care of uninvited intruders.Commercial Security Cape Town

Putting a whole army of guards around a warehouse is uneconomical for the proprietor and still, goods can be stolen from the warehouse out of the guards’ sight. Damage prevention of goods from accidents or theft can be reduced by the use of surveillance systems along with security guards.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are the most important security devices for warehouses. The eyes of the guards are not enough to get around the building to search for security issues and intruders. Rotating surveillance cameras are a must-have for warehousing. 

Warehouses have a large area to cover and placing stable cameras at multiple places is not an option as cameras to have a blind spot from which burglars and robbers can slide in.

Smoke Alarms

Accidental damage to goods is common in warehouses. Sometimes it’s just the products that might have chemical content which reacts with the temperature. There may also be a possibility that your products may be stolen by vandals who don’t want you to succeed. In case of such unfortunate events, you must have fire sensors or smoke alarms in your store.

Sensors for heat detection can be used for warehouses with closed walls. Whenever the temperature in the area increases the sensors will warn you of the damage to your products and you might be able to save them on time.

Smoke alarms will alert you if an accidental fire occurs at the warehouse. Even a little smoke will trigger the alarm and nowadays the alarms are enabled to notify the fire watch security to save your assets.


Goods that come in and go out of the warehouse are to be accounted for. Utilizing sensors like motion sensors and alarm sensors can prevent break-ins and will also notify the guards if goods are being taken out of the warehouse without the information of the proprietor. This makes sure that someone who isn’t apparently trustworthy can take your goods and tools with them.

Apart from keeping your goods safe, detectors can also be used in securing machinery in manufacturing units and keeping medical equipment safe for hospitals.

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