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Why Security Services Matters At Event | Security Services Cape Town

After events involving dangerous and fatal situations, security and safety are at the forefront when planning a major event. One of your most important roles in event management is to ensure that all people are safe at your event. The well-being and ensuring the safety of both your keynote speaker and conference attendees is of the utmost importance.Security Services Cape Town

Why Event Safety Matters

Today, planning a safe and secure event is more difficult than in the past. One of the most stressful and recognized aspects of working in events is that anything can – and most likely have – occurred before. And if it hasn’t, it still needs to be considered. Whether it was planning a long-distance walk during an extreme heatwave, or an unthinkable tragedy changing (big to small) elements of an event, having contingency plans in place can truly make an uncontrollable situation manageable. When done effectively, it can also make your planning stand out to participants, staff, volunteers and local authorities.

What to Do During the Event

  • During the event, be meticulous – and when in doubt, call it out! – The safety of your all attendees and your speaker should be the number one and most important concern. However, once planning and communication have been established, it is important to remember that the authorities are the experts for keeping public events safe, and should be called in when necessary. Therefore, if you see something or someone suspicious, do not hesitate to contact the authorities.
  • Keep in mind that a safe event can also translate into higher police and security costs – Based on your type of event, certain costs to ensure safety will be non-negotiable. In some cases, you will need a bomb-sniffing dog, in other cases, just the local police. Every event varies, but the cost of the well-being and safety of all your stakeholders is priceless.

    This does, however, mean that keeping your event safe, could incur higher fees. But remember, it’s better to be prepared. At the end of the day, you want people to enjoy themselves at your event so that they are willing to support your company and your event in the future.

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