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Who Is Bodyguarding Right For? | Body Guards Cape Town

Bodyguards are not just for Hollywood starlets. Personal security is on the rise because many people are realizing the value of having their own bodyguard or security detail.Body Guards Cape Town

Bodyguard is a term that is used mostly in Hollywood. Personal Security or Executive Protection is the vocational name for bodyguards. Here are the main people or things bodyguards are needed to protect.

  • Celebrity Protection – This is the most obvious reason for protection. Famous people are well known, and sometimes they are not liked by everyone. This dislike can be dangerous to their person. Therefore, they should call in a bodyguard to help protect them from any possible assault. Bodyguards are also useful at keeping the media and paparazzi at bay.
  • Executive Protection – Many bodyguards are used to protecting CEOs and other executives. CEOs are in control of companies that can range from a million to a billion dollars. Their need for protection can come from a few things. They need protection from disgruntled employees, corporate layoffs competition, kidnapping and corporate sabotage. Today, there is a tread of a business executive with ties certain environmental issues hiring bodyguards as a precaution from avid protestors. Some executives use bodyguards just for business trips that include high- dollar meetings.
  • Concert Tours – A crowd can get rowdy at a concert. A bodyguard is there to protect the fans as well as the music superstar from being trampled over by others.
  • VIP Protection – VIPs are not Hollywood famous, but they are important. For example, one of the top billionaires in the country\world. They will need a bodyguard because people will always try to kidnap him, rob him or even assault him due to his wealth and influence. Other VIPs use bodyguards to escort them from the airport to the hotel.
  • Dignitary Detail – Dignitaries have a high-powered job that wheels a lot of influence. Their bodyguards are specially trained to handle high-risk situations. Bodyguards have to be aware of both national and international threats.
  • Political Figures – Mayors, state officials and other political figures use bodyguards for their personal safety.

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