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The fearless, protective bodyguard who is willing to put his/her life on the line to protect a client has long been a popular character in books, TV, and movies. In private investigations, this field of work is also called executive protection and personal protection (for this article, we’ll use the term “bodyguard work”). This article provides suggestions and tips for developing a bodyguard character.Body Guards Cape Town

The private investigator (PI) who specializes in bodyguard work is comfortable with foreign and domestic intelligence and maintains him/herself in great physical conditioning. They’re attuned to criminal psychology, with special attention to how to defuse a situation, and are conversant with the use of weapons (such as a handgun, Taser, baton, etc.) but consider their work a failure when they allow a situation to force their use. The bottom line in this business is preventative intervention so that gunplay or like heroics are unnecessary.

A bodyguard protects human and physical assets through awareness of potential problems, avoiding situations where their subject is exposed/alone, and use defensive protection as a last resort. They endeavor to prevent the need for heroics by the use of psychology and by the use of inside information (in short, flashy heroics are just plain risky, the reasoning being that extreme defensive techniques are brutal, imprecise, and generally destined for failure, with a possible end result of injury or possibly death).

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