Unarmed security guards- Commercial Security Cape Town

Unarmed security guards | Commercial Security Cape Town

Security guards play an important role in the safety and security of business assets. They are responsible for keeping theft and vandalism safe from your property and other valuable equipment. In any business, their highest priority is to deter and prevent unauthorized access to your site, which may threaten your expensive and sensitive equipment, plant, machinery, or inventory.Commercial Security Cape Town

Since keeping an eye on the property requires patience and job commitment, unarmed security guards can also get the job done in the right manner.


The reason why unarmed security guards have become the hour’s need is that they provide higher in-house protection for your valuable assets and provide peace of mind at all stages of business management. Investing a little cash in employing unarmed safety guards in Cape Town will pay off in the long run of running a business. You never know when your business could get exposed to potential dangers and vulnerabilities.

An unarmed security guard with the right security, and threat prevention experience is preferred than an employee with a lack of safety skills and knowledge. While some businesses may opt for armed security guards for sensitive sites, most businesses, however, still feel comfortable hiring unarmed security guards in Cape Town.

Here are a few reasons why businesses prefer to hire unarmed security guards rather than armed security guards for their business-specific site.

  1. AFFORDABILITY FACTOR – Compared to unarmed security professionals, Armed security guards are more costly. This is mainly due to the need to carry a certified firearm for armed security officers. The private security company also charge higher fees for armed security guards than unarmed security guards. However, you can still achieve the same level of security by opting the right unarmed security guards.
  2. A STRESS-FREE MIND – Since the goal is the peace of mind, unarmed guards can help you feel a sense of security for your employees and clients. The presence of armed security personnel, however, may cause them to feel uncomfortable at the office or commercial site throughout their stay.
  3. LOWER INCIDENT RISK – Bad incidents can occur, and it may cost someone to lose their lives. Therefore, the existence of weapons can probably increase the chances of gunshots exchange, which can be life-threatening to everyone around. Unless armed guards are needed, working with unarmed security guards in Cape Town is better and less dangerous.

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