Security tips from professional Bodyguards - Security Solutions Cape Town

Security Tips From Professional Bodyguards – Security Solutions Cape Town

Unless you’re a celebrity or a high-profile CEO, you’ve probably never travelled with your own personal security detail. While the rest of us might imagine a fleet of buff men in crisp suits with headsets, the people who actually do it for a living claim their day to day is far from Men In Black.Security Solutions Cape Town

Because many of the strategies used by bodyguards can be adopted by travellers of all stripes, here are tips for staying safe on the road.

Always be aware of your surroundings

It may seem obvious, but maintaining a level of situational awareness is key to staying safe while in unfamiliar surroundings. Don’t walk around while looking only at your phone or a map.

Don’t make yourself an easy target

Wearing a T-shirt or baseball cap that immediately identifies you as a tourist, keeping your wallet in your back pocket, or carrying a purse that could be easily stolen are all ways to make yourself a target. Try to blend in with neutral clothing that doesn’t advertise your nationality, and secure your valuables by tucking your wallet in your breast pocket or carrying a cross-body bag.

Plan in advance

Planning ahead of time is very important. That way, you’ll be aware of any potential threats specific to your destination. Setting up transportation in advance can also remove you from potentially predatory situations while on the ground.

Carry a burner wallet

Even the most cautious travellers can find themselves the victim of a mugging. We recommend carrying a “burner wallet,” with an old ID and a few notes and coins, to give to an assailant in the event of an assault.

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