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If you’ve determined that your building needs 24-hour security officers, then some factors need to be taken into consideration. When you position 24-hour security on your premises, you will have guards who will supervise you on weekends and holidays for parts of the job day.Security Solutions Cape Town

Spend time recruiting committed experts and skilled security officers for your 24-hour staff.

How do you Increase Building Security With a 24 Hour Guard?

  1. Identify the places that you think you need a 24-hour guard on your estate. It may be that only a portion of the property that needs constant physical monitoring, which can save you on costs. You’ll also want to determine if you want armed guards on your estate or not.
  2. Work to develop an efficient 24-hour safety plan with a security professional. In any specified scenario, develop strategies on how security will communicate with other staff, the responsibilities of security officers, and the procedures that a guard will follow. This manual may be very comprehensive, but if something is to happen on your property, a set of security policies created with the help of a professional can reduce your liability.
  3. Accept security professionals ‘ resumes. Require all applicants to be trained in professional security measures, and if you ask them to be armed, they must also be fully certified to carry a sidearm and use it. When deciding on how many guards to hire, use the plan you developed regarding what needs 24-hour surveillance to determine manpower. Plan on at least two guards at all times.
  4. Require security guards throughout their shifts to conduct pre-appointed rounds of premises. Have guards fill out each round’s log, irrespective of activity.

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