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Safety Tips for Solo Runners – Security Solutions Cape Town

It’s 4 AM and the kids are still sleeping. This is your only window to get that morning run or walk in but it’s still dark out. How can you go about your fitness in the safest possible way? Security Solutions Cape Town

Here’s a list of safety tips, some old school and some more techie focused, that will keep you safe on the streets, trails, tracks or wherever you prefer to get fit!

  1. Always tell someone when you’re going and where you’ll be – a spouse, friend or another relative.
  2. Take it one step further by using technology and sharing your location with people in your life through your smartphone.
  3. Moving in pairs or teams is great, but if you have to go alone, keep your fully charged mobile accessible and, if possible, chat to someone as you are jogging. Predators don’t like a crowd.
  4. Have an air of confidence about you-shoulders back, head up, voice steady as you make contact with your eyes and say hello, which is a good way to keep potential attackers at arm’s length.
  5. Be mindful of your surroundings (avoid running near shrubs, alleyways, etc.) and trust your gut instincts; if they scream danger then go the other way.
  6. Run or walk toward oncoming traffic so you always have a line of sight.
  7. If you are new to the area in which you’ll be running, research it for crime rates.
  8. When it is dark out, wear reflective gear and/or headlamp.
  9. Take a self-defense class
  10. Invest in pepper spray (if you have the proper know-how and are confident using it) or buy a device that can be worn on your wrist (or available somewhere) emitting a loud sound. Some will also give the selected contacts an SMS message.
  11. Consider omitting or restricting your tunes to a smaller volume or just one ear, so your ears can be alert to noise, animals and other possible predators.
  12. Adjust the routine to make it unpredictable. Run in a different direction or area or on different days of the week or days of the day, but avoid the same exact routine on the same exact schedule.

Such tips can apply to walking, biking and many forms of exercise which render you vulnerable.

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