Protect Your Store from Shoplifters - Commercial Security Cape Town

Protect Your Store from Shoplifters – Commercial Security Cape Town

If you’re a business owner, you probably worry about preventing theft. As much as you’d like to trust all of your customers, you know that some people will enter your store looking to take advantage of you.Commercial Security Cape Town

While there’s no way to guarantee 100% that no one will ever steal from you, there are a number of steps you can take to help deter theft and protect your store’s inventory.

Change the layout of your store

No matter what type of business you run, the layout of your store may be aiding shoplifters right under your nose. Think about the design and layout of your store, including where valuable merchandise is shelved, how your aisles are constructed (if you have aisles), and how traffic moves through the store.

Lock valuable merchandise in a cabinet

If you can’t rearrange the entire store, one easy way to deter theft is by making valuable items harder to steal. Consider locking them in a merchandise cabinet, storing them behind the register, or both.

Place small, easily-stolen items near the counter

There’s a reason why convenience stores tend to sell small items, like cigarettes, lighters, candy, and prepaid credit cards near the front register. It makes it easier for the employee on duty to watch over those items, and a would-be shoplifter will recognize the situation as such.

Implement anti-theft policies

Though it won’t actively stop shoplifting in progress, anti-theft policies often deter would-be shoplifters from trying in the first place. Make sure your anti-theft policies are clearly displayed at the front entrance so that everyone entering the store will see the notice(s).

  • Prohibit customers from carrying bags through your store. Display a sign that requires customers to check all bags at the front register, and implement that rule consistently
  • Post a sign at the door warning all customers that you will call the police to report any theft or attempted theft.

Consider hiring security

If nothing else has worked, or if you’ve experienced repeated thefts or robberies, you may want to consider hiring security. Hiring a security guard is a big decision: you’ll need to pay that individual, and it may intimidate other customers to come into a store and see a burly, threatening security guard. However, if your business is losing a lot of money due to theft, it may be worth the risks to hire security personnel.

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