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How To Protect Your Warehouse Facility | Commercial Security Cape Town

To reduce crime, it is necessary to have a strong knowledge of all vulnerabilities, then it is time to carry out safety measures. If you have extremely delicate materials on-site, a full-scale security audit may need to be carried out.Commercial Security Cape Town

6 Steps a large facility may take to secure and restrict access:

Larger centres for warehousing, production and distribution are often free-standing units. Their first security measures would be to stop unwanted intruders from accessing the facility itself.

  1. To avoid simple access to the building itself, install perimeter fencing, guard house or card accessed driveway gate.
  2. Install proper lighting so that no dark areas can be used by intruders to gain unnoticed access.
  3. Installation of quality CCTV cameras, video surveillance systems to monitor the doors and perimeter.
  4. Install high-quality steel doors, a potential breach will be slowed by strong doors.
  5. Install access control card reader on all access doors and perimeter gates, to know who enters and leaves as well as what time.
  6. Install dock lock systems to hold trailers for safety and security.

8 Steps a small or mid-sized facility may take to secure and restrict access:

Small and mid-size companies do not always have the options to protect the entire perimeter or take all necessary steps. Regardless of the size of business security should be a priority for both the safety of employees as well as protecting your inventory from theft. The same common-sense approach that a large company would take should be considered for all size business.

  1. Inspect your facility, look for weak security areas. Asking an employee for his or her input can help get an outside point of view.
  2. Install monitored alarm system and, if possible, look at wireless devices.
  3. Secure your windows, operable windows to have good locks, install window bars, or fold away gates.
  4. Secure the front doors, use high-quality key-control door locks, install a second defence layer with a front door-keyed fold-out security gate.
  5. Secure shipping doors, use a high-quality padlock, wire mesh to protect the near-lock panel, or add security gates behind the door to assist with security when not in use or keep locked when the door is open for ventilation.
  6. Install video surveillance, secure recording device in a secured room with limited access, check frequently to ensure recording, and all cameras are working covering the locations that need to be monitored.
  7. Use convex mirrors to remove blind spots.
  8. If possible install security card readers on doors and access points, control access, record card used and time.

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