Protect Your Business From Crime - Commercial Security Cape Town

How To Protect Your Business From Crime – Commercial Security Cape Town

Crime against business makes up a whopping 20% of all recorded crime around Cape Town, and cybercrime, in particular, is a growing threat. Meanwhile, criminals are continually looking for more ingenious ways to rob honest, hardworking business owners. So how can you limit the risk you face?Commercial Security Cape Town

1. Carry out a risk assessment

It always starts by identifying where you are most vulnerable. Perhaps you are already aware of where your business has been the victim of crime, but that might not tell the whole story. Carry out a thorough assessment.

2. Secure your premises

If need be, strengthen doors, fit window locks and install security lighting. Each can deter burglars because most burglaries are unplanned. If access points are vulnerable, install CCTV (but be aware that data protection rules apply). If you don’t have an alarm – get one fitted and put up signs to warn of its presence. Although it involves cost, your insurance premiums could go down. Consider whether shutters or grilles should be installed, although you might need planning permission from your local council. Internally, you could put up security mirrors to cover any blind spots.

3. Protect yourself and your staff

Make sure necessary security training is available and that everyone knows what to do in the event of a serious threat. Better to give up goods or cash than getting hurt trying to defend it. Also, train your people to recognise suspicious behaviour by those who enter your premises. Your people should also know how to report the crime to you. Keep as little cash as possible on-site and routinely empty tills. Take any excess cash to your bank. Put up signs warning that certain parts of your premises are only accessible to staff members.

4. Shred sensitive paper waste

Don’t simply throw it in the bin, because criminals might be able to use the information it carries. Install lockable filing cabinets to store personal or confidential information.

5. Undertake regular checks

Crime changes because criminals know they need to find different or more sophisticated methods if they are in to stay in business. Make sure that your security measures remain up to the challenge. Do this at least once a year and always remain open to suggestions from your staff about how you can better protect your business.

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