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How To Monitor Security for Multi-Site Businesses – Commercial Security Cape Town

Multi-site companies are seeking to act as one cohesive entity rather than as separate entities. They are challenged to operate multiple properties, to oversee staff at each location and to maintain a consistent safety standard across sites.Commercial Security Cape Town

Multi-site businesses present a diverse and demanding range of security needs.

Whether your business has two offices or sites across the country, learn how to protect against common multi-site risks highlighted below.

  1. Multiple locations face more threats. With each new site, the company raises the risk of fraud, vandalism, violence and other security issues. Access control is a multi-site security standard that can be applied across offices. Keyless entry systems, including swipe and access card readers, record approved entry through sites.
  2. IP video surveillance is another. This helps companies to track multiple installations through streaming video online. The ability to access video feeds and alerts for all locations are essential for your organization to identify risk locations and implement solutions in real-time. Most importantly these services allow business owners to maintain centralized control of all pages.
  3. The likelihood of crime varies from location to location. While one site may be in a quiet suburb, another may be in the heart of a bustling city. Determine the likelihood of crime near each site based on local crime statistics to assess the level of security required for each site.
  4. Not all sites are the same. The unique configuration and design of a building will affect its security needs. Whereas one location may be nestled in a corporate office building, another may be a warehouse in an open industrial area. The safety plan should be customized to each site on the basis of the building’s square footage, configuration and number of access points available, such as doors and windows.

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