How to make your house secure in South Africa - Security Solutions Cape Town

How to make your house secure in South Africa – Security Solutions Cape Town

In South Africa, 49 household break-ins occur each day, and recent figures show the rate is rising. We’re known as one of the most violent countries in the world. Chances are high that you or someone you know has been a victim of crime.Security Solutions Cape Town

So how do you protect yourself, your family and your possessions?

1. Increase visibility

Lock up your home as you usually would and try to get back in. Put real effort into imagining how you might gain access into your property without using your keys or gate controls.

Don’t be afraid to apply serious force to your doors, especially old sliding doors. Check the strength of your burglar bars. Is it possible for a criminal to pry them apart? This exercise usually exposes vulnerable points in your home security.

Look for anything you might climb, break or force to gain access to your home. Make a list of the weak points as you go along – hopefully, you won’t find any. If you do, take steps to fix these immediately.

2. Secure access points

The perimeter of your property is your first line of defence. Is it possible to climb your fence? Adding a barbed wire will help. If you can afford an electric fence, buy it, it will give you great peace of mind.

You also want to trim away any trees that might help a criminal get over your fence or wall. All windows and doors need security measures too. Windows need solid, well-fitted burglar bars and doors need to have at least two locking mechanisms.

Be sure to check that your door is made of solid wood (not hollow inside) and that the strike plate is firmly attached (where the lock meets the door frame). Security gates are well worth the expense too.

3. Think like a burglar

One of your greatest tools in the fight against home crimes is light. Installing motion-activated lights around your garden will mean that any movement that occurs in your garden will set off the lights. This is a great deterrent for criminals! A cheaper solution is to add small solar-powered lights to all outside areas.

Increasing visibility also means trimming away plants that criminals could use as a hiding place. The goal is to be able to make visual contact with all areas in your garden easily.

4. Consider a furry or scaly friend

It isn’t only residential properties that use private security companies, even police stations use them. Private security firms have a faster response rate than the police in many areas, and some of the top services offer installation of panic buttons, pet-friendly motion sensors and daily patrols.

Your home insurance may become cheaper and absorb some of the cost too. An alarm system need not be an expensive investment. If you can’t afford a private security company, you can still set up warning systems around your home.

5. Install an alarm system

Dogs are fantastic additions to any home security measure. They’re fiercely territorial and their senses are highly attuned. Getting a dog for security purposes doesn’t have to mean buying a Rottweiler or Pitbull, even small dogs are able to give warning signs that an intruder has entered the property. Criminals would rather not burgle a house with a dog in it.

Everybody deserves to feel safe in their own homes. Use these tips to beef up your home security so that your family can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they’re safe.

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