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‘How do I become a bodyguard?’ Why do you want to be a bodyguard first and foremost? It’s not a quick and easy professional route, there’s plenty to consider before you step onto the road to becoming a bodyguard.Body Guards Cape Town

It’s not for everyone to be a bodyguard, it needs specific features and skill sets. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a bodyguard, just because you’ve watched a few movies or you want to stay with celebrities the high-life and brush shoulders, then stop right now and go back to the drawing board.

So, what does it take to be a bodyguard?

Patience, punctuality, honesty, selflessness, dedication, courtesy, capacity to stay alert for long periods of time and inactivity, thinking on your feet, and, of course, personal fitness. Before considering any “Bodyguard” coaching course, more frequently referred to as a “near security course,” all these characteristics are needed.

  • Patience: – The Principal (The VIP / Boss) is waiting for many hours to move around, leave the house, complete a conference, join a private event – just to name a few. All of which you will have to be stationary for a significant amount of time at some stage.
  • Punctuality: – If you’re the sort of individual that’s always late regardless of how many times you set your alarm, or how difficult you’re trying–it’s not for you to be a bodyguard! Poor punctuality not only delays the Principal and his company or plans but also delays and badly impacts on the rest of the team, showing everyone lacking self-discipline.
  • Selflessness: – You will often be expected to work long hours with little sleep and little food, often putting the needs of the Principal before your own, and sometimes before the needs of your own families. Unfortunately, missing your partner or child’s birthday is par for the course.
  • Personal fitness :– High fitness levels will assist you to remain alert and responsive and allow you to work longer hours before you get tired. In order to work as a bodyguard, a discipline in combative/defensive or unarmed battle is crucial

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