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A security guard has a very significant work to do, whether working in a supermarket or office building. He has a duty to be vigilant and protect his clientele. All security companies must be careful and employ mature and trustworthy individuals, and Sterling Protective Services extends beyond and beyond this.

We believe that hiring and correctly training the correct individual for the job is highly crucial for a security company. Here are an excellent security guard’s five characteristics.

1. Alertness

A good security guard is always alert regarding his environment and aware of it.  It is necessary to constantly stay focused and avoid distractions as much as possible, or risk missing something that could prove important. An unobservant security guard could readily ignore something that could jeopardize lives, or fail to witness in practice a criminal or thief.

2. Honesty

A good security guard must be honest. It is their responsibility to control access to buildings and protect a company from theft and other offenses. If a security guard is not honest, he might steal or put the company at That’s why it’s so important for security companies to carry out thorough background checks on their security officers to ensure they have no criminal record or dishonest activity.

3. Physical Fitness

He should be within and exercise regularly within a good weight spectrum. It may not be possible for an unfit guard to perform their role optimally. It contributes to mental alertness to be in excellent physical form. The officer needs to portray a clean professional image, with a neat uniform and their shirt clean and tucked in. A security guard should look well organized and positively portray themselves and the client. Security is at the heart of the general public. The security guard must always be courteous and professional.

4. Good Communication Skills

A good security guard understands how to efficiently interact with both verbally and in writing. Clear, courteous communication can be the decisive variable in dealing efficiently with a difficult scenario. Communication also enables the safety policeman to record each and every important event closely and precisely, as well as the status of the facility at the end of his/her shift.

Also, just as it is essential for an officer to be watchful and responsive to our customers ‘ security, most of their communication will be with the staff and customers or customers of the individuals we protect, so courtesy and pleasant behavior are essential.

5. Ability to Serve Client’s Needs

Detail orientation is crucial for a security guard because he has to undertake a number of duties and remember information in serving our customers. Furthermore, the officer requires to be prepared to obey post orders. Each security officer on duty is assigned a “post” which he is to man.

There will be published instructions depending on the requirements of the client at each allocated post, referred to as “post orders.” Officers are educated in these particular responsibilities before they ever take their post.

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