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In the managing of event security, Nzacksi Security is highly experienced. For a prestigious family, society and company affairs, security stays an important component. For these unique activities, meetings, conventions, personal parties, charitable events festivals, concerts, company meetings, red-carpet meetings, and black-tie activities, we should be your first option. Events Security Cape Town

Whatever the volume of people or the complexity of the operation, we can guarantee the safe running of any event that we cover. We also have stewards and skilled audience supervisors if this is necessary.

Event Security is one of the specialist areas of Nzacksi Security, the following describes the aspects that we cover:

  • Perimeter Security
  • Backstage Security
  • Control of VIP Areas
  • Logistics Guarding
  • Crowd Management

Nzacksi Security liaises with main venue staff and event organizers from the early planning stages through to the breaking down and site clearing operation after the event, ensuring that Site Security is managed as a fundamental part of the organization and that the entire event runs smoothly.

Show And Event Security

Nzacksi Security does not only provide marshals and security guards. Running a show and event security business requires a more cohesive approach so that all customers at their special event are fully satisfied with the security staff and organization. As one of the foremost security show and event businesses, we have staff who are fully experienced in security operation events and will be liaising with the customer right through to the end from the early planning stage of the event.

When you are considering putting on a special event like a large music festival or a corporate day that will include hundreds of guest you will need to organize security that will enable everyone to enjoy the day without worrying about security issues. This is where Nzacksi Security Limited can help. Show and event security is the specialty of the business and this can include close protection for VIPs or simple CCTV installation and monitoring.

If you are keen to have Nzacksi Security securing your business or office, please contact us today and one of our advisors will be willing to help with your specific requirements. Your safety is our Priority.Click here to send us your Enquiry or to request a callback. Click here to send us your Enquiry or to request a callback.

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