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Using a monitoring control room seems to be a more feasible alternative for business clients than ever before. New technology now enables carriers to oversee bigger regions and oversee various business systems as well. This involves CCTV, monitoring of access, and monitoring of vehicles from one workspace. Control Room Monitoring Cape Town

These spaces can be fast-paced environments, often used both day and night for long periods of time, and it is very essential to thoroughly consider layout decisions before being applied. Ensuring that your monitoring space is a cozy location for staff to operate in is critical to their achievement and functionality.

Your control room’s precise requirements will obviously be quite particular and personnel–depending on the reasons for which you want it to be used. Those who only need a monitoring space as a way to review fundamental CCTV will involve considerably fewer operators and facilities than a monitoring room that oversees a city-wide CCTV network and access control technology.

Although as a business with over a century of expertise in installing monitoring control rooms for a variety of companies, we have collected some overall points that should be regarded when developing and constructing your surveillance control room.

Ensuring that these variables are correctly considered during your surveillance room’s design and development phrases will help guarantee that your CCTV monitoring room control scheme is fit for purpose.


One of the greatest issues we see with our customers is that they significantly underestimate how much space is required for the type of monitoring room they specify. Space or region you’ve aimed to be your monitoring control room may seem big and spacious right now, but if it’s overpacked with workstations, enormous screens and individuals, it can rapidly transform into an overpacked mess.

Low roofs, office pillars, and poorly positioned walls can be a barrier to your control room and, if not considered. We recommend making original markings on the ground and walls to demonstrate where items such as computers and desks will fit. This can act as a reliable indicator of the type of free space that you can expect when all is in location. In particular, try to consider how much room you would like for chairs and make sure there is room to walk and move around freely behind them.


Although underestimated, light can be a variable that can make or break a monitoring control room’s efficiency. While large open windows and light overhead lighting operate excellent for open office areas, in control rooms they may be a nightmare. Sunlight can reflect screens, and nighttime light strip lights can trigger eye fatigue.

In specific, there should be considerably lower lighting levels than typical office lighting. Since it is usually a more subtle and less irritating source of light for consumers, it is also useful to have access to some controlled natural light. Each window should have easy-to-regulate blinds, given frosting depending on the route they encounter.

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