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Daily activity reports For Guards | Security Guard Service Cape Town

Daily activity reports are a critical part of every security operation. For contract security teams, the daily activity report is often the forefront of client communication. Successful companies understand the importance of a well written Daily Activity Report (DAR for short) and train their teams accordingly. Security Guard Service Cape Town

In this article, we’ll cover the four basic elements every DAR should include.

  1. Accurate Arrival and Departure Times – No.. not the time the shift was supposed to start. The time the shift actually started. And the same goes for the end of the shift. Allowing the officer to round off start and end times is starting off on the wrong foot. Use timekeeping or guard management software with a time clock function to accurately log the time on & off-site. Most solutions even use geofencing around the property to prevent the officer from clocking-in or reporting unless they’re on the property.
  2. Shift Change Information – If there are pass down orders relevant to the property and/or the client, your officers should document that exchange of information in the DAR. Now, not every post will have a shift change. But most posts will have duties that apply specifically to the beginning of a shift. If that’s the case, note it in the security report. This lets your client know that the officer is on-site, ready, and prepared to work.
  3. All Routine Preventative Measures – Daily activity reports should document everything the security team does to increase presence on the property and prevent unwanted activity from happening. Remember, the DAR is the summary of the work completed for the client on a daily basis. If you fail to include detail in your report, what does that leave the customer thinking about your services? Instead, officers should be trained to write a detailed report of everything they do during a shift to delivering value to the client.
  4. Any Exceptions to the Norm – Anything outside the normal occurrences on the property should be noted in the DAR. This includes incidents (although incident reporting should be separated) and any other issues of concern including, but not limited to:
    • Safety hazards
    • Maintenance issues
    • Unexpected visitors
    • Security risks or concerns
    • Doors found unlocked that were supposed to be locked

    Security should be the eyes and ears for the client. You wouldn’t want your customers finding out about an unusual occurrence from someone else on the property. To avoid that, officers should report anything happening on site out of the norm. At the very least, this proves that the officer is alert and paying attention.

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